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3 Tools to Grow Your Consciousness

Encouraging individuals to take the reins of their own self-transformation is Barrett C. Brown’s mission.
Encouraging individuals to take the reins of their own self-transformation is Barrett C. Brown’s mission.

Integral theory agrees with Dr. Ernest Holmes that examining our beliefs is key to raising our consciousness. Black-and-white, either or thinking, say integral theorists, limits our perception of the world.

For example, a person may continually eat ham and eggs for breakfast because they were raised eating ham and eggs and believe it is the best possible breakfast. Then a health crisis may prompt them to reevaluate and examine their beliefs about food.

When we take responsibility for our conscious evolution we can use practices like journaling and meditation to challenge our perceptions and not just rely on the hard knocks of living for wisdom, says Barrett C. Brown.

Brown, who is featured in the article “Mapping Our Way to a Flourishing Global Society” (Dec. 2014) recommends three practices to grow your consciousness. READ MORE

Life’s One Guarantee
Jennifer Picinic

There are no guarantees in life other than one...

Each and every time we find stillness, Love will be there to greet us.

It does not judge, discriminate, or ask us where we have been.

It is simply our gift anytime we wish to receive it.  

And when we allow Love to surface, Its Presence is known. It will saturate our entire existence and we need not more.

“Love is all we need.” 

This Life is Joy

When we shift our perspective and come from the heart, we rediscover our power and the beauty of life, says Dr. Roger Teel.

Dr. Roger Teel.

Teel is featured in the December issue talking about his new book, “This Life is Joy.”

Watch his powerful talk on this topic by clicking on this link.

Attaining a High Consciousness
Ernest Holmes

When Jesus spoke of being “lifted up from the earth,” he meant that what is human about you must consciously become united with the Divine. In ancient writings, the earth stood for the lowest form of life, while heaven represented the highest. Therefore, being lifted up from the earth means uniting with heaven. This daily lifting up of your thought is necessary if you wish to unite yourself and everything you are doing with the Divine, so Spiritual Power flows through you and into all your acts. READ MORE

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