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  Divine Bounty—November 2013, Volume 1  
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I Live Abundantly
Ernest Holmes

Dr. Ernest Holmes

Why should we go through life as though it were something that had to be endured, as if there were not enough joy, happiness, and good to go around? We always seem to be limiting the possibility of experiencing the good things of life.

If we really are in union with a divine source, then we should have a feeling of abundance in everything we do, for our source contains all things, whether we call them big or little. We need to feel that the Divine is surging forth into everything we do, that infinite intelligence is flowing into our consciousness, and that the creativity of the universe is centered in our act and motivating it.

Should we properly attune our consciousness to this divine abundance, automatically we would find betterment in everything we do, a broader and deeper experience, a higher realization, and a greater good.

Today, I expect the more abundant life. I keep my thought open to new experiences and opportunities for greater self-expression. As I share and give of myself to life, the one life pours its bounty upon me. As God finds a fuller outlet through me, I experience a new consciousness of joy, peace, and security.

Excerpted from Creative Ideas by Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind Publishing.

Image of The Incredible Les BrownUnwrap Your Infinite Greatness

Rev. Maureen Hoyt’s feature “The Incredible Les Brown” introduces readers to this renowned motivational speaker. Now you can enjoy Les Brown’s inspirational talk “Unwrap Your Infinite Greatness.

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Standing Up for the Other

The Sixth Annual Weekend of Twinning

One does not need to look very far to find a media report that contributes to the idea that the conflict between Muslims and Jews, as well as other groups, is an issue that cannot be overcome. However, those stories present only part of the picture, and one that reflects a clash of extremes. For six years, on six continents, the Foundation for Ethical Understanding (FFEU) has challenged this assumption and has taken steps to encourage greater understanding, promote racial harmony, and strengthen inter-group relations between ethnic communities. The FFEU’s signature program is the annual Weekend of Twinning, organized in cooperation with the World Jewish Congress and the Islamic Society of North America. The initiative encourages joint programs to be held with the goal of building ties of communication, reconciliation, and cooperation. Muslim and Jewish student, women’s, and young leadership groups in countries around the globe participate in these partnership events, which include a diverse range of activities from symposiums and cultural sharing to feeding the homeless. Learn more about this organization and watch this inspiring video about diverse groups standing up for each other.

Coming in December—Mark Nepo Shares His Wisdom

Mark NepoIn the December 2013 issue of the magazine, Science of Mind contributor Mark Nepo shares his perspective on experience as the great teacher, and you won’t want to miss this upcoming feature. Mark Nepo was also in the spotlight in our June Volume 2 newsletter, which gave readers the opportunity to listen as Nepo discusses the inspiration for his work. In our August Volume 2 newsletter, Science of Mind readers had an exclusive preview of Nepo’s book Reduced to Joy. You can still enjoy those selections and other newsletter content when you visit the newsletter archives.

If you missed “Listening In—Going Deeper with Marc Nepo” by Barry Ebert in the June issue of Science of Mind, you can read that article in its entirety as issues of the magazine are archived on the magazine website scienceofmind.com. If you have not signed up for the online magazine, it is free for print subscribers and $9.95 a year for online-only subscriptions. Subscribe today so that you won’t miss out on any additional content.

If you are interested, Nepo will be interviewed on the Emmy award-winning series “Super Soul Sunday” on November 10 and November 17, both at 11:00 AM EST on the OWN television network.

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