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We're going digital!

Going Digital

We have created the complete magazine digitally in two files- The Daily Guides is one, and Features is the other and contains the articles and columns.

We are looking for beta testers to help us iron out the rough spots. We are asking our testers to give us feedback on their experiences installing the files on their digital device- including what device they are using.

  1. We have formats for the Kindles readers and Kindle apps on other mobile devices.

Click here to receive the Kindle files.

  1. We have files that work in all the Nooks or any epub reader.
    Nook uses epub files and is very easy to upload to from your pc.

Click here to receive the e-reader files.


Kindle apps (free) for all types of mobile and desktop computer equipment can be found here. Amazon Free Reader and Apps.

Firefox has a great free epub reader and you can use it to read the magazine on your computer and/or laptops. Click here

Adobe Digital Editions is another fine and free epub reader for laptops and desktop computers. Click here

A free ePub reader that we have tested and like can be found here. KoBo

Questions? Need a little help?