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A Brief History of Science of Mind Magazine

In October 1927, Ernest Holmes published the first issue of Religious Science, the magazine that fourteen months later would be known as Science of Mind.  The magazine was created to build and sustain an increasing interest that had been generated by the Religious Science Institute. In Volume I, Number 1, Dr. Holmes announced that the magazine would “seek to promote that universal consciousness of life which binds all together in one great Whole.”

The first issue of the magazine contained only thirty-two pages. A declaration of the principles of Religious Science, which Holmes called What We Believe, was included. The first issue also featured a meditation for each day of the month, and the Daily Guides remain the core of the magazine. For the next thirty years, Dr Holmes continued to contribute feature articles that reflected his keen interest in psychology, philosophy, and science as well as an understanding of the common ideas found in the world’s great faith traditions.

Science of Mind magazine continues to provide inspiration based in the uplifting tradition established in the early issues of the magazine. In addition, it has evolved to meet the needs of a contemporary audience.