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Science of Mind magazine publishes articles that teach, inspire, motivate, and inform. Editorial content addresses the concerns, interests, and problems of readers, offering thoughtful perspectives on how they can experience greater self-acceptance, empowerment, and meaningful living. Achieving wholeness through Science of Mind principles is the magazine’s primary focus, while recognizing that all paths lead to God.

The magazine includes a great variety of features, usually running about 1,800 words in length. Types of articles often found in the magazine include:

Interviews/profiles—Often an interview with or profile about a notable spiritual leader is featured. These articles are usually assigned, but queries are welcome. Refer to previous issues of Science of Mind for typical subjects and style to be followed. Bio, lead-in, and photo of the subject are required.

Principle-focused articles—These essays explore the meaning and application of a specific New Thought principle. They frequently give examples of the principle in practice and may include a discussion of similar ideas as articulated by other faiths.

Perspective-focused articles—How changing one’s outlook results in a fundamental shift in one’s life is the topic of many articles.

Modern living articles—Modern living features address a challenging issue or a lifestyle choice that readers face in contemporary day-to-day life. How Science of Mind principles impact such a challenge for the better is of particular interest to our readers.


Daily Guides—Inspirational meditative readings for each day of the month are based on Science of Mind teachings. Each reading contains a quotation from one of the sacred scriptures of the world or other spiritual source, as well as a relevant quotation from Ernest Holmes’ The Science of Mind. A sample set of six Daily Guides may be submitted. Only Daily Guides written by Science of Mind ministers and practitioners will be considered. Refer to previous issues of the magazine for length, style, and sample content. For more specifics please contact

PoetryScience of Mind magazine is not accepting poetry submissions at this time.


  • Make a concerted effort to use language that is inclusive and gender-neutral.
  • Carefully check punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure before submitting your article.
  • Do not try to imitate the typeset using different styles of type. Simply submit all text in regular Roman type, using lower-case letters and capitalizing in accordance with standard practice.


  • E-mail submissions or queries to:
  • Please consider sending a query rather than a complete article, so we can work with you on creating a piece that is right for our readers.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the magazine before querying.
  • Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
  • Due to the great number of submissions received, we regret that we cannot respond to every submission. Thank you for your understanding.

2015 Themes & Editorial Deadlines

January: Back to Basics – Editorial Deadline 9/1
February: Deepening Our Faith – 10/1
March: Mindfulness - 11/1
April: Surrender – 12/1
May: A New Vision – 1/3
June: Standing in Your Power – 2/3
July: Golden Threads of Truth – 3/3
August: A World That Works for Everyone – 4/3
September: Creating a Joyful Life – 5/3
October: Radical Forgiveness – 6/3
November: Attitude of Gratitude – 7/3
December: We Are One – 8/3